Tuesday, March 17, 2020

March 30, 2020

Mrs. Kim’s Second Grade Packet
 March 30-April 2, 2020
Contact info: 334-695-5695

Ø  Monday:  Complete Lesson 104. 1. Complete Morning Work Lesson for 104. (If you are not able to do the temperature, ask an adult or leave it alone.) 2. Use ruler to measure the sides of shapes using the centimeter side. Find the perimeter by adding the length of each side of the shape. 3. Fact Drill with 25 problems-Time for 2 ½ minutes. Check. Do back the same way. 4. Fact Drill with 90 problems-Time for 6 minutes. 5. Complete Guide Practice & Homework sides.
Ø  Tuesday:  Complete Lesson 105. 1. Complete Morning Work for Lesson 105. 2. Complete Fact Master 105, front and back…no timing! 3. Shade in the Chart of Our Favorite Ice Cream.  I have written numbers at the top for you to use.  Then you write 2 questions you could use the graph to answer. (exp. How many children love dogs best?) Then write 3 facts you can answer from the graph. (exp. Two children liked dogs better than cats.) 4.  Review even and odd numbers. 5.  Complete Guided Class Practice front and back.
Ø  Wednesday:  Complete Lesson 106. 1. Complete Morning Work Lesson 106.  2. Telling Time to the Minute: Remember short hand is the hour hand, long hand is the minute hand, the numbers tell the hour, the marks show the minutes. Compete Master 106. 3.  Complete Fact Practice 106 by timing for 2 ½ minutes. Complete back the same way. 4. Complete Guided Practice front and back.
Ø  Thursday: Complete Lesson 107. Complete Morning Work Lesson 107. 2.  Complete Fact Practice-no timing! 3. Complete Guided Practice 107 front and back.
Ø  Friday: Complete Lesson 108. Complete Morning Work Lesson 108.  2. Complete Fact Practice by timing 2 ½ minutes. Complete back the same way. 3. Complete the Guided Practice front and back.
***Extra Practice-I’ve included some multiplication fact sheets to practice with….it includes the 4’s and 5’s, which we haven’t gotten to yet. But this is just a optional activity. I’ve also included their 4’s booklets and fact cards to work on as needed!!

Grammar: Contraction Booklets-Write neatly, spell them correctly, and put the apostrophe in the correct place. Use the cards we cut apart the first day to practice matching the words with the two words the contraction is made from-pay attention to the letters left out!
Ø  Monday: Complete pages 4, 5, and 6. Correct any on pages 1, 2, and 3 that you missed.
Ø  Tuesday: Complete pages 7 and 8.
Ø  Wednesday: Complete pages 9 and 10.
Ø  Thursday: Complete pages 11 and 12.
Ø  Friday: Complete pages 13 and 14.
Spelling/Phonics: These pages are stapled together inside envelope.
Ø  Monday: Complete Skills Practice Page 67-68.
Ø  Tuesday: Complete Skills Practice Page 57-58.
Ø  Wednesday: Complete Skills Practice Page 59-60.  (Pay attention to the box at the top where it reminds you of the meaning of the prefixes-to help with the meanings.)
Ø  Thursday: Use 5 words of your choice in sentences. Get someone to give you a practice test on the paper included inside envelope.
Ø  Friday: Free Day!

Reading: On-line access provides stories, games, skills practice sheets….lots of resources!.
Ø  Monday: Read Story, “The Green Grass Grew All Around” and complete Skills practice page 61-62. Read on Epic.
Ø  Tuesday:  Read Decodable 42.  Practice fluency and use a yellow crayon to high light all the words that have the /oo/ sound. Practice using expression and stopping at the punctuation marks. Complete Skills Practice 75-76. Read on Epic.
Ø  Wednesday: Read Story, “The Green Grass Grew All Around.” Write a paragraph about the stages the tree goes through from seed to mature tree.
Ø  Thursday: Reread page 102 for fluency. Practice not racing but reading with expression, pausing at commas, and stopping at periods. Read on Epic!!
Ø  Friday: Complete Skills Practice 63-64. Read on Epic.
Social Science:
Ø  Monday: Read Scholastic News about the Sea Turtles. They also have a video you may enjoy about sea turtles at www.schoalstic.com/sn2
Ø  Tuesday: Read Scholastic News about the elephants.  They also have a wildlife video you may enjoy at www.scholastic.com/sn2
Ø  Wednesday: Read Scholastic News about The Clean Water Warrior. They also have a video you may enjoy at www.scholastic.com/sn2.
Ø  Thursday:
Ø  Friday:

Journal Writing: Write this in your morning journal (black folder) and remember to date it!
Ø  Monday: Listen to “Snappsy the Alligator” either on Online Storyline or youtube. Write in your journal about a  party you might have.  Think about:  Who would you invite? Where would party take place? What would you do at your party? What kid of food would you have? How would you feel? Draw a picture and label it.  Write a caption for your picture. (Captions tell what is happening in the picture.) PS. Take a picture and send it to Mrs. Kim, she needs to see good quality second grade writing for second graders because she is missing reading yours every day!! PPS. Mrs. Kim hopes she’s invited to this party!
Ø  Tuesday: Listen to “ When a Dragon Moves In” either Online Storyline or youtube.  Tell me about an imaginary friend you’ve had or would like to have.  Think about: What is his/her name? Where did you meet them? What kind of adventures do you have together? Does anyone else know about your imaginary friend? Is this imaginary friend a person, animal, or magical creature? Tell me all about it.  Draw a picture. (Send it to Mrs. Kim……she can’t wait to read these stories!!)
Ø  Wednesday: Can you teach?  What is something you can really do well? Can you explain how to do it step by step so someone else could do it too?? Write about it!! If you are feeling really groovy, make a video of you telling someone about it! Most excellent!! Could you send it to Mrs. Kim? She is missing you and would love to see your sweet faces!! PS. Don’t be shy now! You all are experts at something!! (Examples:  jump roping, making a sandwich, tie shoes, making a boat with legos, drawing a picture, how to paint nails, fixing hair, brushing your teeth, etc. the list goes on an on. Choose something!!
Ø  Thursday: Listen to the story “The Empty Pot” and write about why the author wrote this story.  Tell about the lesson Ping learned. What lesson do you think the other people learned in the story? What did you think of this story?
Ø  Friday: none

**If you don’t understand something, or need help, please let me know.  Y’all take care and hope to see you soon!!
Mrs. Kim

Monday, March 9, 2020

March 9, 2020

We had a great week last week celebrating Read Across America Week!! Thank you to all that contributed to our celebration with snacks or coming to read!! You made it an awesome week!!

This week as we get back into the swing of things, we will be taking our STAR test tomorrow! (It should have been last week, but the flooding of a couple of rooms made the computer unavailable to us!) I can't wait to see how much they have improved!! I will be sending home the growth charts for you to see! Let me know if you have any questions about those.

This week we will be reading the story "Busy Bees."  We will test on this story Friday, Mar.13th.
We will be working on fluency with page 87.  This will be a great page for you to practice at home with your child this week.

In grammar, we got off track last week (sorry about that), so we moved our test to this Thursday on pronouns.... regular pronouns and reflexive pronouns. We will also be reviewing contractions..to be tested next week.

Spelling/phonics-This week we are learning the /oo/ sound and prefixes re- and non-.  Our test will be on Friday.  Words with the prefix re- mean to do it again. Exp. repay means to pay again.  Words with non- mean to not.  Exp. nonstop means to not stop.

In social science we will finish up our study of penguins and our practice project.  We will begin our own projects on an animal they chose themselves.  They will present their projects to the class next week.

Please remember that Thursday is Spring Picture Day.  Wednesday, Mar. 11th, is the last day to pay for our field trip coming up next week to the Pine Mountain Zoo! We are so excited!!

Let me know if you have any questions or concerns!
Mrs. Kim

Monday, March 2, 2020

March 2, 2020

Dear Parents,
     On March 2-6th, we will be celebrating Read Across America Week.  I have planned a lot of fun activities that will go along with the days Mrs. Shoemaker has planned for us!  We will not do a story in our reading book, but I have other books to read aloud this week to emphasize reading and to use a map of the United States of America to show where these stories took place!! So, we will really be “reading across America.”  I will need your help, if you are willing to provide some of the snacks, please let me know.
Monday_”The Lorax” and “Daisy-Head Mayzie” Day.  If you or a grandparent could come read one of these books….that would be great!  I have cupcakes ordered for Dr. Seuss’ birthday for snack!
Tuesday “The Cat in the Hat” Day—We will wear or you can make a Cat in the Hat hat. We have a guest reader coming.  If I could get a couple of parents to send vanilla ice cream, red and blue sprinkles, cups/bowls, and spoons………that would be great!
Wednesday “One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish” Day—Everyone wears red or blue or anything patriotic to celebrate our freedom to read what we choose. Bring a pillow and/or blanket, cause we are having a read-a-thon!! If I could get a couple of parents to send some bags of color goldfish and a capri sun for snack, that would be awesome!!
Thursday “Green Eggs and Ham” Day—We are stuck on this old classic and each child will need a pair of sunglasses as we plan to make a video of this book with our talented fluent reading class! Can’t wait for this!! If any of our parents could make us a treat for this day……..we would so deeply appreciate it!!
Friday “Fox in Socks” Day---wear your crazy socks or mixed colors of socks!! We will have guest readers and plan to use our remaining time to read, read, read!! I have ordered some Read Across America cookies to help us celebrate today!!
So just to recap, no reading story this week, so no reading test or spelling test.  We will use this week to work on word attack skills such as strategies of what to do when we come to words we don’t know. (apply phonics rules, look at prefixes or suffixes, small words with the word, chunking, etc.) We will also be listening to read alouds of stories from different areas in the United States of America and marking them on a map of where they happened. We will have a grammar test on Thursday on pronouns!! Also, we will have math as usual! 😊 If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to let me know!
**If you can help with the snacks on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday, please let me know!!
Thank you for your support!! It will be such a fun week to learn and do!
                                                                                                                        Mrs. Kim